Miscellaneous Tools

Data Analysis

  • Gnuplot A very powerful graphing utility. Along side GCC and Perl, this is the tool I use most.


  • Textmate A very nice editor for the OS X, and is my current primary editor.
  • Bbedit A very nice editor for the OS X, and was used to create my web site.
  • Scribes A very nice editor for Linux and other unixes that use Gnome.
  • Emacs A very nice editor for Unix, as is something that is on most systems.
  • Carbon Emacs a carbon version for OS X.
  • XEmacs emacs with scalable fonts and a nicer interface, X11.
  • XEmacs -- OS X emacs with scalable fonts and a nicer interface, OS X.

XML and W3C resources

  • XML -- eXtensible Markup Language
  • XML Schema -- XML Schema language
  • Relax NG -- A less complex, yet highly functional schema language
  • Trang -- A utility for converting between DTD, XML Schema, and Relax NG.
  • libxml2 -- The Gnome projects XML library and support tools, extensive and portable.
  • pyXML -- Python's XML module.


  • Tgif In the Unix world everyone is stuck on Xfig, but I have found tgif has a much nicer user interface.
  • xv A very fast and efficient image viewer and manipulator for various Unixes, but not entirely free.
  • Canvas A powerful OS X illustration program that is at times both very frustrating and very useful.
  • POV-Ray A very well designed 3D rendering package that is also free. Note, this software is primarily programming language driven, thus might not be viable for the coding challenged.

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